VHF and UHF TV Spectrum as Received at My Location

Below are 3 images showing the Low VHF, High VHF and UHF TV spectrum on my spectrum analyzer. These are the stations I receive here. The stations are in many different directions so I made composite images with the antennas pointing in the different directions. The signal levels are average to a little better than average of what I receive here.

Low VHF doesn't have a lot of signals on it. KCSO is my strongest station. The very non-flat look is due to being off the back of their antenna.

High VHF has a station on every channel. KVIE is the strongest station but KSBW often rises to be stronger under good conditions. KNSO is the only station from Fresno that I can receive most of the time.

UHF has at least one station on each channel. Some distant and infrequently received stations are not shown. Channels 16 and 17 are reserved for land mobile service in this area. KUVS is my strongest station and is shown here with a 25 dB notch filter. Channels 18 and 28 (and 3) are located near Angels Camp and are my closest stations at 14 miles. Both are Spanish language stations. My "local" Sacramento market stations all transmit from Walnut Grove and are 54 miles away over a 2 edge path. They are channels 21, 25, 26, 35, 40, 46 and 48 (and VHF 9 & 10). Most of the other stations are San Francisco market or Salinas market stations.